Stella and her brother Swell are thrilled to be together on summer vacation at Lake Huron.  They love getting together every morning for some ball time.


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August 10 photo

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It rained all day during the last full day at the cottage.  It wasn’t a hardship – we read and watched the Olympics all day.  We even squeezed in a little afternoon catnap.  Life is good!

Can you spot Stella in the picture?

The only disappointment to the day was that we weren’t able to check out one more mountain bike trail.  Oh well, we’ll have something to look forward to next summer.

July 31 photo

nature, Pets

Meet Stella the “bog dog”. She fell into the edge of a swamp and was totally covered in a thick, yucky sludge. Thankfully, John and I were right there and were able to quickly pull her out of the quagmire ooze.

Stella was able to get completely cleaned-up in the water and have a bit of a play time too!