Stella’s Tongue


Is Stella’s sticking her tongue out at me?  Silly girly.

It feels like spring is just around the corner.  What a beautiful Saturday!

MelanieMarch 07, 2015 2270Stella sticking tounge out


September 13 photo

this and that

The ‘Les Yeux’ mural at the University of Ottawa recently received a facelift.  It was originally pained in 1972 by well-known Ottawa artist James Boyd.

I remember seeing these eyes as a kid skating along the Rideau Canal.  The mural used to creep me out because the eyes appear to follow you.

July 20 photo

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We haven’t had any significant rainfall in the city for over a month.  I’ve never seen the Rideau River so low.  In some places people are now walking across the river instead of using the bridges.


We came across a lost great dane last night.  She was too skittish to get close to and I was afraid she would run out on the busy road.  She’s been lost for awhile.  I hope someone catches her soon before she gets injured.   You can read about her story here: