June 28 photo


Ryan had his high school graduation ceremony today.  Ryan spent a lot of time on stage as he was presented with the following awards:

  • Special Subject Award: Flooring
  • Special Subject Award:  Physical Education
  • Canadian Welding Bureau Certification
  • The Highland Park Scholarship
  • Jack Garrett Award for Technical Studies
  • Ontario Principal’s Council Award

Ryan was also co-Valedictorian for the class of 2012.  We’re very, very proud of you Ryan!  Congratulations on all your success and accomplishments!



June 12 photo

family, sports

Ryan was presented a bunch of athletic awards at school this week.  He received:

  1. True Sport Award for Respect, Fairness and Integrity
  2. Players Choice Award for Ice Hockey
  3. Coaches Award for Ice Hockey
  4. Most Valuable Player for Vocom Basketball

He was also named class valedictorian and is working on his commencement speech.

Congratulations Ryan!  We’re extremely proud of you and all your accomplishments!