Week Seventeen

sports, this and that

I was in Vermont all weekend for my annual women’s hockey tournament.  I played against some great teams from Montreal, Boston, and New Brunswick.  Our team did well with one loss, one tie and two wins!  I also spent a lot of time shopping between games.  I didn’t bring my camera with me and only had my old iPhone.   I took this picture at the University of Vermont Gutterson Fieldhouse Rink.  It’s the largest indoor arena in Vermont and it has a beautiful curved wooded roof.  I took this picture of the Catamounts banner because there is a “paw” in their logo.

Dramatic B&W


September 9 photo


Stella had her first fly-ball class today. She was not too happy about being there. She wanted to hide under my chair the entire class. I couldn’t even distract her with a tennis ball. We’ll try again next week.


August 7 photo

nature, this and that

John and I checked out a new mountain biking park – Carrick Tract. It’s near Walkerton, Ontario. I found the trails challenging with lots of tight turns, steep ravines, and quick elevation changes.

On the way back to the cottage I took a pile of iPhone pictures of the beautiful farm fields. This area of Ontario has some stunning, healthy looking farms. For an outsider, who’s a city dweller, this area does not seem to be suffering the downward plight of the family farm. Most properties look well kept and tidy with nice trucks and farming equipment and healthy looking livestock.