I was in Saskatoon last week to visit my sister.  I finally had the chance to meet her dog Echo.  She’s a lovely lab/husky mix.  Echo lives for food, her family, food, going for walks, food and meeting other dogs.

MelanieJune 14, 2015 2559-1focused Echo


September 8 photo

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Ryan works most weekends.  Today was a special treat since he didn’t have to work.  I still got him out of bed early because he wanted to come to the gym with me.   Ryan prepared his favorite specialty for brunch – BACON.

This fluffy cat, Stanley, lives around the corner from me.  He’s such a happy, cuddly guy who’s favorite thing is food.   I should have brought him some BACON.



September 4 photo


Today was Ryan’s first day of college.  This is such an exciting time for him.  He’s thrilled to be taking the Welding and Fabrication program.

I was bugging Ryan for his picture this morning when he was busy trying to eat breakfast and get out the door.  He doesn’t look too happy but it’s really just because he was getting annoyed with me and my camera.   I’ve also included a picture of Ryan from his first week of Junior Kindergarden.  Wow, the time really did fly.


June 28 photo


Ryan had his high school graduation ceremony today.  Ryan spent a lot of time on stage as he was presented with the following awards:

  • Special Subject Award: Flooring
  • Special Subject Award:  Physical Education
  • Canadian Welding Bureau Certification
  • The Highland Park Scholarship
  • Jack Garrett Award for Technical Studies
  • Ontario Principal’s Council Award

Ryan was also co-Valedictorian for the class of 2012.  We’re very, very proud of you Ryan!  Congratulations on all your success and accomplishments!