Week Thirty-Five


I was trying to get Stella to pose for her birthday picture. She just turned four! Happy Birthday Stella!
Stella Birthday wishes


September 15 FINAL photo

this and that

Happy Birthday to me!  Last year on my birthday I decided to take on a photo 365 project.  It actually turned into a 366 project because I forgot it was a leap year.  I wanted to force myself to take a picture every day so I would think about and practice my hobby of photography.  When I first started the project I didn’t think about posting my pictures to a blog.  I wanted an easy way for my mum and sister to see what I was up to so I started this photo blog.  I had no idea how big the blogosphere was.  I’ve met and read about some really incredible, talented, funny people.  It’s a wonderful community.  I have never received a rude or creepy comment – all comments were encouraging and heartwarming.  It’s kind of neat to know that someone from next door or on the other side of the planet can take a peek into my daily life.  I’ve bored people to death with my dog and cat pictures – I’m sorry for that but my furry creatures are more patient than people to photograph.  I’ve learned a bit more about photography and have met some incredible photographers that I aspire to be like.    This project worked – I did pick up a camera every day this past year and I also thought about and explored my photography hobby.

Now that the 365/66 project is complete I’m not putting down my camera.  I’ll still take pictures, read and learn more about photography and hopefully will continue to get better.  I’ll post my photos here from time to time but I’ll try to only put up my favorites and not bore people to death with pet and food pictures.

Thanks everyone for your support, comments and likes this past year.  It’s been a fun challenge.