September 3 photo

family, Pets

John, Stella and I had a nice little bike ride today.  We went to a quiet green space close to home where Stella could run along side our bikes.


August 10 photo

Pets, sports, this and that

It rained all day during the last full day at the cottage.  It wasn’t a hardship – we read and watched the Olympics all day.  We even squeezed in a little afternoon catnap.  Life is good!

Can you spot Stella in the picture?

The only disappointment to the day was that we weren’t able to check out one more mountain bike trail.  Oh well, we’ll have something to look forward to next summer.

August 6 photo

nature, sports

John and I went mountain biking at the Brant Tract trails near Paisley, Ontario. The trails were in perfect condition. It’s not really “mountain” biking since there’s no mountain. It’s more like single tract biking through a beautiful forest. It’s challenging, tight and technical with hard and fast trails. I look forward to these trails every summer.


April 4 photo

this and that

I started riding my bike to work this week now that the snow and ice is all gone.  I got soaked riding home tonight!  It rained, it hailed, it sleeted and the winds were crazy.  Half way home it all stopped and I could ride the rest of the way in comfort – except for the cold, wet clothes.


I’ve found a wonderful blog called iPhone Photographer –  The blog has beautiful and interesting pictures taken with an iPhone.  The guy is also an absolute wizard in Photoshop (check out the giraffe).  The blog has introduced me to some neat apps that you can download to your phone.  Today I tried Cinemagram.  It reminds me of the moving photographs in the Harry Potter stories.  Lets hope I post this properly.