Week Seventeen

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I was in Vermont all weekend for my annual women’s hockey tournament.  I played against some great teams from Montreal, Boston, and New Brunswick.  Our team did well with one loss, one tie and two wins!  I also spent a lot of time shopping between games.  I didn’t bring my camera with me and only had my old iPhone.   I took this picture at the University of Vermont Gutterson Fieldhouse Rink.  It’s the largest indoor arena in Vermont and it has a beautiful curved wooded roof.  I took this picture of the Catamounts banner because there is a “paw” in their logo.

Dramatic B&W


August 10 photo

Pets, sports, this and that

It rained all day during the last full day at the cottage.  It wasn’t a hardship – we read and watched the Olympics all day.  We even squeezed in a little afternoon catnap.  Life is good!

Can you spot Stella in the picture?

The only disappointment to the day was that we weren’t able to check out one more mountain bike trail.  Oh well, we’ll have something to look forward to next summer.

August 6 photo

nature, sports

John and I went mountain biking at the Brant Tract trails near Paisley, Ontario. The trails were in perfect condition. It’s not really “mountain” biking since there’s no mountain. It’s more like single tract biking through a beautiful forest. It’s challenging, tight and technical with hard and fast trails. I look forward to these trails every summer.


June 12 photo

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Ryan was presented a bunch of athletic awards at school this week.  He received:

  1. True Sport Award for Respect, Fairness and Integrity
  2. Players Choice Award for Ice Hockey
  3. Coaches Award for Ice Hockey
  4. Most Valuable Player for Vocom Basketball

He was also named class valedictorian and is working on his commencement speech.

Congratulations Ryan!  We’re extremely proud of you and all your accomplishments!



April 19 photo

sports, this and that

I’ve been out of town and away from a computer for the past several days.  I’ve still taken pictures every day but I haven’t been able to post them.  I haven’t thought too much about photography this past weekend.  I was away at a hockey tournament in Vermont and spent lots of time playing hockey and shopping.  We lost every game by a one goal margin.  The last game went to a 15 round shoot-out which we also lost.  It was an excellent weekend spent with wonderful women, excellent shopping deals and some fun hockey.

This picture was taken outside at JC Penny in Burlington, Vermont.  Spring is a little further ahead compared to Ottawa.