As of my birthday (September 15th) I’m going to attempt to take a picture a day for an entire year. I want to force myself to think about photography every day and to make sure my camera doesn’t collect dust.   I’ll use my Nikon DSLR, Sony point-and-shoot, iPhone or iPad – anything to capture the moment.

I will post pictures here as a record of my “Photos 365”.

UPDATE:  November 2012

I completed my Photos 365 project in September 2012.  Even though my year-long challenge is complete, I’ll continue to take pictures, read about photography and try to improve with my hobby.  Photography is such a wonderful interest because you never stop learning and you can always work on enhancing the results.

Melanie ~ Canada


23 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your photos Melanie. You should be taking pictures for a living. My name is Nancy and I am a friend of Jennifer out here in Saskatoon. We have wonderful dinners together where we laugh, cry, bitch and everything in between. We both landed in Saskatoon with no family or friends and we found each other. I truly love your photos. Keep snapping. I also love your home page. Excellent!!!

    1. Wow, thanks so much for the compliment Nancy. I hope I’m not boring you too much with my daily life junk and all my pet pictures!
      It’s great that Jen has a friend out in Saskatoon! It’s gotta be tough moving as an adult and trying to meet new friends. Hopefully, she’s all relaxed on a ship in the Caribbean right now. I think she’s in the Bahamas today – lucky girl.
      It was nice to meet you Nancy. Hopefully I’ll be out in Saskatoon someday to visit Jen, Paul and the boys and I’ll be able to meet you in person.

      1. I love to hear about people’s daily lives Melanie. Strange yes but I do enjoy it. I think Jen had a good time on her cruise. Lucky girl for sure!!! Your pets and pet pictures are beautiful. Love to see the pics of the walks with your dog. Did you set your website up yourself because it is very tastefully done.

      2. Thanks for your comments Nancy. I’m glad you like the walks with the dogs – it’s one of my favorite times of the day.
        As for the website, I unfortunately can’t take any credit for it. It’s a template that the wordpress blog site provides.
        Hope you’re happy to have Jen back “home”. I’d love to get out there someday with my camera! But, Jen, Colin and Devon won’t let me take their pictures!

    1. Wow, I feel so honored. A great big thank you!!!
      Thanks so much for liking my little daily photo blog. I didn’t know this blog would introduce me to so many wonderful, talented and creative people.
      Thanks again for the award and I feel proud to accept.

    1. I love your pictures. They’re stunning. I too look forward to seeingn more of your work.

    1. Thanks for visiting my site too!!! It’s very nice to meet you. The banner photo was taken last winter. It was just lucky timing with the sun going down.

  2. Beautiful photos. I have a real soft spot for all dogs, but I’m really drawn to your border collies. My dog Sally (border collie/aussie) got me started in Photography. I completed the 365 challenge in 2011 and then kept going too. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

    1. Thanks so much! I’m in love with all border collies! Your Sally is beautiful! My last dog was border/something so I called her my “borderline” collie. My current dog Stella, and her brother Swell are pure border but have been bred to be family dogs with an off switch. Thankfully, Stella only herds her collection of balls. I also look forward to following your blog.

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