4 thoughts on “Week Sixteen

  1. So cute! I’m amazed you got a picture. My doggie is always going places he shouldn’t be, but as soon as you go in the room he jumps off immediately then does his puppy eyes ‘I wasn’t doing anything wrong- you imagined it’ innocent look

    1. I love the innocent puppy eyes look! Stella tries that on me too and it’s almost impossible to resist. She has me tied around her little paw 🙂

  2. Stella, My Dad ENCOURAGES me to sleep on the bed. And, I agree…if the cats can sleep on the bed, so should the Border collie. You are within your rights. -Cody

    1. LUCKY! Cody, you have a terrific Dad!!!!! And I agree with you – I should have the same rights as those pesky cats!

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