September 14 photo

this and that

The Looneyspoons Collection is my favorite cookbook.  It has hundreds of healthy, easy to prepare dishes with most ingredients found in the regular grocery store.  It’s my go-to recipe book when I want something fast, delicious and easy as pie.  The book is filled with a ton of humour and piles of health tips.  It sounds like I’m trying to sell this book, but honestly I’m not related nor have I ever met the authors (sisters Janet & Greta Podleski).  I’ve been told they have a program on the Food Network but I’ve never seen that channel.  You can check them out at

Tonight we had one of our favorites – Thai Beau.  It’s a Thai coconut chicken with mango and basil.  It’s so simple to prepare and totally scrumptious!  I meant to take a picture before we started eating but we just couldn’t wait.  There’s a little left-over for lunch tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my birthday which means it’s the end of my Project 365.  I wonder what I shall take a picture of?  Suggestions?


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