July 20 photo

nature, Pets

We haven’t had any significant rainfall in the city for over a month.  I’ve never seen the Rideau River so low.  In some places people are now walking across the river instead of using the bridges.


We came across a lost great dane last night.  She was too skittish to get close to and I was afraid she would run out on the busy road.  She’s been lost for awhile.  I hope someone catches her soon before she gets injured.   You can read about her story here: http://ottawa.kijiji.ca/c-community-lost-found-MISSING-DOG-PLEASE-HELP-W0QQAdIdZ397749074


6 thoughts on “July 20 photo

    1. Thanks for the comment. I love border collies too!! I could take a picture of Stella every day – she’s good at posing. I couldn’t imagine not having a BC in my life. I like your BC pictures – he looks like a great traveller.

      1. Mine is a female too and this poor dog all she does is travel even if it is just to play catch at the beach and she hates posing she just works me to the bone! lol Border Collies rock for sure everywhere we go she makes HUMAN friends she seems to think she is too smart for any other dog except for a BC lol We named her JT a name using both parents first initial since we knew them 1st. stands for JessTex

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