March 15 photo

this and that

Today I’m halfway through my 365 photo project.  So far the idea has worked.  I’m now thinking a little more about photography and what kind of pictures I like to take.  My camera has not stayed in its bag in the back of the closet and I’m now taking “inferior” pictures with a camera phone.  I think about photography every day and I’m reading and learning a lot more about it.

When I started the project I had not considered keeping a blog but I’ve enjoyed the process – it keeps me on track.  What surprised me was how many people keep photography blogs – who knew?  There’s a whole blogging community out there.  I’ve “met” some pretty amazing people in the last six months.  It’s crazy how many creative, talented, extraordinary, interesting people are around our tiny globe going about their daily stuff and blogging about it.  It’s encouraging to find so many people willing to share their talent and experience with perfect strangers.  It still surprises me when a total stranger from the other side of the planet will say a nice comment on one of my posts.   How did they even find my little personal photography blog?  I’m sure most people are tired of seeing my family – furry and non – but that’s what I enjoy taking pictures of.

I’m enjoying a glass of wine tonight to celebrate getting halfway through this 365.  So, as the saying goes….the glass is either half empty or half full.  My project is now either halfway done or halfway to go.  Cheers!

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