December 19 photo

this and that

I’m a very lucky person today!  My friend Pam made me homemade chili and buns for dinner.  What a treat to come home to!!  It was wonderful.  John and I had a little tiff over the homemade buns but we kept enough aside for Ryan.

My mum also gave us her “rejected” cookies which were to die for – totally scrumptious!   I can’t wait to try the non-rejects!  I feel blessed.   Thank you Pam and Mum.



2 thoughts on “December 19 photo

  1. stop it with all the food photos – you are making me soo hungry. ; ) Paula (Lorrie Jorgensen’s partner)

    1. Sorry Paula! Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to take a picture of. Thankfully, I eat every day!! You’re not going to like today’s photo.
      How’s Lorrie feeling?

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