November 15 photo

this and that

It’s been two months since I got my iPad and it’s already changed the way I do things in my day to day life.

John took up a collection from my family and friends in order to get me the coveted iPad for my birthday.  I wanted an iPad as soon as I saw the keynote address by Steve Jobs. I’m usually interested in techie gadgets but I’m really captivated by anything Apple.  I’ve been a die-heart Apple fan and user since 1986 when we got our first MacPlus at work. My co-worker Terry and I begged and budgeted for that super computer – for $6,000 we got a 20 MB hard drive, imagewriter printer, Microsoft Word and Excel, MacPaint and MacWrite.  We couldn’t get over the range of fonts, including the Inuktitut syllabics and how easy it was to operate.  No training or workshops were required to learn this nifty computer with the squarish mouse.  Four of us had to share the computer and schedule its use.  Since then I’ve always worked on a Mac.  Over the years it has been suggested that we go to a Windows operating system but I’ve always held my ground on wanting to stay with Apple.  I think because we stayed with Macs throughout my workplace, that we’ve probably saved a ton of money on tech support, down time, etc.  Our IT department is non-existent.  I laugh when people call to speak with someone in IT – so many of us know how to diagnose and fix our own computer problems that outside tech support is rarely needed.  In the last 25 years (knock on wood) we’ve never lost a hard drive, mother board, or anything major with a Mac.  They just work.

I was the first person I knew to get that expensive gadget called an iPod.  I ordered mine as soon as they were offered in Canada and then I had to keep sending letters to Apple bugging them to find out when iTunes would be available in this country.   I loved my iPod and now my iPhone.  Years ago those white headphones put you in a special iClub but now everyone has some sort of Apple device in their pocket.

So on Sunday morning Ryan brought me coffee to bed.  I grabbed my iPad and read my book for awhile.  I decided to download another book from the library directly to my iPad. I read the digital Hockey News and trashy People magazine and scanned the articles in the Ottawa Citizen.  I checked my email and caught up with the latest on Facebook.  I read one of my favorite blogs and played a game of suduko.  I did all of this on one device that weighs next to nothing.  The other great thing about my iPad is the bright pink Hello Kitty case that protects it!  Thank you John and the rest of my family and friends for this wonderful little computer.


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